Proper Way to Take Out Beehive

After maintaining and caring for the beehives, you can enjoy the results while tasting honey that you’ve extracted using Honey Extractors. Harvesting honey may seem troublesome, but by taking appropriate precautions and following each stage correctly, the results obtained will be commensurate with your efforts.

Determine the right time to harvest. On a clear day, most bees will find food between 9:00 and 4:00 p.m. Harvest honey in this time span, so naturally, there will be very few bees that you will have to deal with. The season also greatly influences the yield and quality of the honey harvest. Bees will stop producing honey and provide food for the queen in late summer and early fall so that most of the space in the beehive will be left empty. Thus, you should harvest honey beforehand. Harvest two to three weeks after the main nectar drain honey. You are advised to wear beekeepers’ protective clothing before harvesting honey.

Banish the bees with smoke. When the hive is exposed to smoke, the bee will react as if the hive is burning. The bee will wet its body with honey and become weak, so it moves to the bottom of the nest and doesn’t fight much.

Exhale just a little smoke according to your needs. Smoke can affect the taste of honey. Open the beehive. Use a tool to lift the inner beehive cover. This tool is like a small crowbar. Slip under the cover and press so that the cover is lifted. Remove the bees from the hive. There may still be some bees attached around the hive frame that you want to take. One of the safest ways to repel bees is to use a small gas blower or an electronic air blower.

Open the beehive. Beeswax makes beehives stick to their frames. Use a blunt knife, fork, or butter knife to peel the wax and open both sides of the beehive frame. Move the beehive into a closed room. If left exposed to the open air, the bees around it will be attracted to the scent of the beehive and will gather there. The bees will try to take and enjoy honey, as a result, the process of honey extraction will be more difficult for you to do and the results will be less.

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