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You Can Try These Ways To Deal With Humid And Moldy Walls

When you find the walls of your house are damp and moldy, then you have identified the cause. Perform the stages of maintenance of your home wall quickly. In the meantime, if you’re too busy to get rid of humidity and molds from your walls, you can simply call the trusted company of water damage restoration Sydney water damage restoration service.

If you don’t want that to happen continuously, then you can try these ways to deal with moist walls, such as:

For cases caused by direct contact with water walls, you can overcome them by adding a waterproof component to the finishing of your home wall. This component is only in the form of plaster made from a mixture of cement and sand. If you want the instant or the wall of your house has been completed, you can also overcome it by giving waterproof paint.

For the problem of damp walls caused by water seepage, the most important thing and you have to do first is finding the center or cause of water seepage, then you resolve it first. If seepage occurs because of external components of the house such as gutters or roofs, of course, you can repair or replace it first.

If you find that the toilet walls are damp or moldy, water can seep, you can overcome them by giving a plaster made of a mixture of cement and sand (1: 3) as a waterproof coating. Do this step before you install ceramic or other finishing on walls.

Pay attention to your home’s air circulation. If you feel your home’s air is too humid, you can improve your home’s air ventilation or even create some new air ventilation.

Don’t hang wet clothes on the walls of your house. Such as towels, kitchen cloths, dirty rags, mops, etc.

If the walls of your house have been damp for a long time and in the end have caused mold, you can overcome this by cleaning the walls with wall/toilet cleaning liquid, bleach or detergent. Use soft textured fabrics, sponges, nylon brushes, etc. Do not use a brush that is rough and made of hard because when damaging the wall. If so, rinse the wall with clean water then dry.

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