The Influence Of Distance Of Residence With Campus Or School On Achievement

Achievement is very encouraging but not easy to achieve, especially for students who want to continue to develop and explore science, of course, some many challenges and obstacles must be passed, just a small example is the distance from the residence to campus. In this case, we can get a lot of student responses to their distance to get to campus. You can rent a condo at Parc Canberra EC as a temporary residence for your child who is studying in Singapore. Besides, Parc Canberra EC also has the best schools for your children who are still junior high school or senior high school in its area. Several factors can cause the quality of learning is not optimal for children or adolescents who study.

The cost factor, in other words, the farther the distance that must be taken to get to the destination, the more funds must be spent. Some of my fellow students use private vehicles and public transportation, of course, with different costs.

The spirit of college is declining, that is a fact that is happening in the campus environment. Due to the distance between home and campus, some students think twice about participating in the learning process on campus.

Lack of motivation to learn, motivation in the learning process in the campus scope is very much needed by every student, be it motivation from lecturers or motivation from the campus environment, so students also have an interest in learning and achievement on campus.

The distance that eliminates the concentration of learning, if students who experience delays during the learning process take place, he will automatically lack concentration and experience lagging in getting learning material. This is the reason Parc Canberra EC is the best choice for you when looking for exclusive condominiums.
Those are some of the factors that can affect student achievement and learning levels, on their distance from their homes to campus.

From the explanation above we can conclude that the distance between campus and student residence greatly affects their learning achievement, and therefore the need for special handling from the campus and the students themselves. As an ideal academic person, of course, we need to think long beforehand, where we want to continue our education and how we will go through it, by the capabilities and facilities that we have obtained as long as we pursue that level of education. That way, we can focus on the education we are taking and improve our learning achievement if we have found the ideal college.

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