This Is How To Connect Power Cables For Electrical Switches, Sockets, And Lamps

This article discusses how to install a switch that is united with the wall socket (as shown) that is usually installed/planted on a wall. The number of incoming cables as much as three pieces, namely: negative cable, positive cable charged electric/phase sourced from the central electricity and cable to be connected to the lamp fittings. Apart from that, if you require a trusted expert to repair electrical damages at your home, we suggest you call the best Staten Island Electrical Contractor.

Here’s how to connect power cables for electrical sockets, switches, and Lamps

Turn off the electricity in your home by moving the position of the MCB switch from ON (1) to OFF (0).

Connect (jumper) one of the switch terminals with one of the socket terminals using a short cable.

Connect the short cable (in point2) using a black cable to the positive cable mainline of the electrical installation (usually black and when tested using a pen and electricity is flowing then the pen will light).

Connect the other outlet terminal to the negative cable mainline electrical installation.

Connect the switch terminals which have not been connected anywhere to one of the lamp fitting terminals.

Connect the terminals of the lamp fittings that have not been connected, to the negative wires of the main electrical installation lines (usually in blue).

do not forget to isolate each cable connection and install a cable clamp with a spacing between 50cm so that the cable becomes sturdy and neat.

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