This Is How To Fried Foods So They Become Crispy

Fried foods are not unfamiliar and they are everywhere. Frying sounds easy. To get good, crisp, and crispy fried food, you can try the tips that we will share in this article. Apart from that, you can go to if you want to buy an amazing cooking device to fry your foods.

Here is how to fry food properly:

-Oil must be hot enough

Fry must be with hot oil. Heat the oil to a high temperature but once the food is put in the pan, reduce the heat. Food will quickly cook with temperatures when cooking around 350 degrees F. On the market there are heat measuring devices for frying.

– It’s better to use canola oil for frying

This oil is low in saturated fat, has a high temperature for burning, and does not reduce the taste of fried foods.

– Keep the temperature of cooking oil.

Avoid foods that are too oily. If there is a lot of food, use a little oil, the temperature will go down, and the food will be greasy and wet.

– Don’t fill the pan with excessive oil

Don’t fill more than half of the pan with oil. However, when frying, food must be submerged in oil.

– Dry the food

So that it is not too oily, use tissue paper to absorb the oil contained in food.

– Don’t use oil repeatedly

Just use oil to fry 2-3 times.

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