Knowing the Quality of Ceramic Floor Good

When choosing floor tiles, make sure that they are right for your home. Besides, the quality of ceramics is also important so that it is easy to clean. If you have already installed tiles, at home, you can contact Tile Cleaning North Shore to clean the ceramic floor in your home. There are several To find out the quality of a good floor tile, actually, the way is quite simple. As previously explained that the quality of ceramics can determine the neatness of ceramic installation

1. Pay attention to the weight of the ceramics
First is by lifting the ceramics, if the floor tile you lift has a fairly lightweight, then it could be that the quality of the ceramics is quite poor because it can be sure to have porous fibers so that they can break easily. Conversely, if it is heavy enough it can be ascertained to have better quality because it has better density and strength.

2. Wiping ceramics
Another simple way is to wipe the surface of the ceramic floor, if after you wipe the floor tiles leave traces of your finger then the quality of the ceramics is sure to be bad because good ceramics do not leave traces when rubbed. Ceramics that do not leave fingerprints will be easy to clean, especially if you put it in the family room or bedroom.

3. Test the anti-scratch
Furthermore, to find out the quality of a good ceramic floor or not, namely by scratching the floor if there are scratches, the quality of the ceramic is bad. Do not try with a sharp weapon, because it will make a scratch. Try with nails on your fingers or other objects that have angled angles.

Thus tips in determining the floor tiles for your building. The tips above are not absolute because if you have your way to find out the quality of ceramics, you can use them. Make sure if you use ceramics for a suitable part of the house so that it can add beauty to your home

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