People Must Know These Common AC Problems

One of the causes of the AC is not cold is a leak in the indoor unit. This is because the AC is not regularly maintained until the AC is dirty. AC condensation and drainage of AC pipes are loose (leaking) are also a problem in the AC, so always make sure the technician installs the AC drain pipe perfectly to avoid leakage in the indoor unit. Furthermore, we also recommend you to call the best technician of aire acondicionado tijuana so your AC can be repaired flawlessly

In addition to the problem that the air conditioner is not cold, there is also the problem of the AC causing noise. Noise on the air conditioner can be caused by several things, such as loose screws or bolts, improper placement of the AC position, broken IDU / ODU blade, AC not being vacuum during installation, to problems with the compressor. These problems are not without solutions. Ask the help of specialized air-conditioning technicians who are professionals to deal with these problems.

In addition, sometimes the AC swing door may not work. To make cold temperatures in the room more evenly, we usually use the swing mode. However, sometimes the swing component in the indoor unit malfunctions. Why is that? It turns out that this can be caused by a broken swing blade or a swing or jammed motor swing.

In addition, sometimes the Cross Flow Fan on the AC can break. if the IDU / ODU blade fan is broken, this can disturb the AC’s performance to distribute air. This often happens to air conditioners whose material is not sturdy. Blades in high-quality AC units use a choice of materials that are mixed with a resin so that the durability of plastic materials in high-quality AC units is very strong even if used at extreme temperatures so they rarely break. In contrast to other brand air conditioners that still use recycled plastic materials that are at risk of being damaged faster.

Having AC that suits your wants and needs, and minimal damage must be everyone’s dream, especially if the AC device that is owned is a smart device that is equipped with various sophistication.

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